Biomimicry: Design Like a Shark

July 22 – 26    9:00-2:30 Monday-Thursday and 9:00-12:00 Friday

Teacher:     Sherry Ritter

What if animals and plants could teach us how to make better human inventions? We’d learn from a shark how to build ships that don’t get covered with barnacles. We’d learn from a spider how to keep birds from crashing into windows. We’d learn from birds how to make a train quieter. Join biologist Sherry Ritter on an adventure to learn from nature. On field trips, we’ll keep nature journals and explore ways animals and plants survive in their environments. We’ll use our observations and research to learn more about these animals and plants. Then we’ll take what we’ve learned from nature and create designs for new or improved inventions. All you’ll need to succeed is curiosity.

Level: Grade 5 through 8, with an interest in nature and design

Cost: $125 for the week-long summer camp – scholarships are available (lunch included)

Register & Pay Online

Registration can also be done in person at the Stevensville Public Schools district office (in the high school building) or by phone/email:

  • Information                                   
  • Loey Knapp           406.529.9715 

Payment can be made online or by check made out to The Stevensville Community Center Complex (or simply SCCC) and sent to

  • SCCC      P.O. Box 413,  Stevensville, Montana 59870

The spot will be held for 5 days post registration while waiting for payment – after that the seat will be reopened for other students.