Quad Geeks

Wednesdays 2:45 – 4:30; March 13 – May 1

Teachers: Michael Sharkey and Kaleb Stewart        

This course, Quad Geeks, is a three-semester course. It is aimed at the the enthusiast who wants to learn from the ground up about what makes drones work.
The first semester focuses on the different systems such as motors, GPS, transmitters and receivers, power supplies and more as well as how to calibrate and code Arduino controllers to fly a drone. Learning the parts and how to use them to create your drone from scratch. Time permitting we will fly some drones.
With this background you will construct a drone and start your flight lessons in the second semester.  If you are interested in earning your license to fly a drone we can work towards that as well.
Semester three will be advanced study on racing drones, photography and other drone possibilities. Students will be able to choose their interest in the third semester.

Level: Grade 8 and above, with some programming experience

Cost: $80 for 8 sessions – scholarships are available (snacks included)

Register & Pay Online

Registration can also be done in person at the Stevensville Public Schools district office (in the high school building) or by phone/email:

  • Dani Trangmoe    406.361.1465            danitrangmoe@gmail.com
  • Eric Walthall         406.830.9524           eric.m.walthall@gmail.com
  • Loey Knapp           not available           loeyk@yahoo.com

Payment can be made online or by check made out to The Stevensville Community Center Complex (or simply SCCC) and sent to

  • SCCC      P.O. Box 413,  Stevensville, Montana 59870

The spot will be held for 5 days post registration while waiting for payment – after that the seat will be reopened for other students.