Meet the Teachers

The summer, 2020, teachers are Andrea Mooney, Scott Edge, Walter Briggs, and Sherry Ritter. THANKS to them for supporting our Coding for Kids program with their expertise.

  • Scott Edge has been teaching middle school in Missoula for 13 years at CS Porter Middle School where he has taught Project Lead the Way Engineering courses the past 4 years. PLTW offers exciting engineering curriculum for students K-12. In 7th grade, students participate in the Design and Modeling PLTW module, using state of the art design software to create various artifacts throughout a quarter. Eighth graders take on the Automation and Robotics module and design and create machines and robots using the VEX building platform and RobotC programming software. All 8th graders have the option of taking App Creators and Computer Science for Innovators and Makers as well. In these modules, students  learn how to create Android apps using MIT’s App Inventor and dive in to physical computing creating and coding Microbitmini computers. He has also coached/mentored First Lego League robotics teams the past 6 years, traveling to Bozeman to compete in the Montana State First Lego League tournament.
  • Steve Decker is a retired science and engineering teacher who is also a robotics hobbyist. In addition to Arduino robotics, he has extensive experience with Lego robotics, project Lead the Way, and using robots for data collection. He lives in Missoula.
  • Lauren Henske graduated from Colgate College with a degree in Computer Science. She will be employed by Apple as of July, 2020, and meanwhile will contribute her expertise to the Coding for Kids program.
  • Andrea Mooney has been teaching at Stevensville for 10 years where she currently teaches Middle School Health Enhancement. She also owns a photography business for 9 years where she works with digital editing on a weekly basis. Andrea is currently working on her masters with a focus in Educational Technology.
  • Sherry Ritter is a wildlife biologist from Stevensville. She loves exploring the outdoors and discovering ways that species survive. This brought her to Biomimicry, which is studying living organisms like animals and plants and learning from them how to make more sustainable human designs. It’s geeking out on nature, with a noble purpose.
  • Isaac Robinson is a Computer Science major at the University of Montana who hopes to graduate and become a software engineer. Isaac calls himself a math nerd with a passion for algorithms. As a coding enthusiast, he is fluent in using Linux and open source software, command line,  and even some bash scripting. Among other projects, he has utilized a Raspberry Pi as a web server for simple websites, as a cryptominer, and to create an LED Email Notifier. Teaching Maker Space is just the beginning of his association with Coding for Kids!
  • Annette (Annie) Seaman went to the Academy of Art in San Francisco in the 60s.  She has worked in many art related professions, sign design & painting, book illustration, typesetting/pre-press, watercolors, and a little prints & art cards business.  Her main profession for the last 25 years has been graphic design. She is a member of the Stevensville Design Committee, providing invaluable help as a graphic artist.
  • Scott Seibert has been an elementary teacher since 2004. He has taught almost every grade level from kindergarten to eighth grade. He loves watching students problem solve and the successes that come along the way. He is currently teaching Computer Science at Stevensville Middle School to 6th, 7th and 8th graders and looks forward to working with your child and seeing the awesome things they create!
  • Michael Sharkey is a Swiss-certified watchmaker and an enthusiast of all things mechanical. His earliest memory is taking apart the family toaster at age 7! Michael will co-teach with Kaleb Stewart who will teach the programming portion of the drone class.
  • Kaleb Stewart is a sophomore at Stevensville High School who loves to program with computers. He has been coding for about 2 years and just recently took an Arduino programming and circuitry class.
  • Danielle Trangmoe is a senior at Stevensville High School.  She plans to pursue a degree in Environmental Science in college.  Danielle began coding in 7th grade and has continued to improve her technology skills throughout high school.  She has previously instructed our Introductory Programming course and she is excited to have the opportunity to share her passion for technology with a new class of eager young minds.
  • Walter Briggs After four years of active duty including a tour in Vietnam, he left the army to find his University of Montana degree in Forestry had lost its employment value and a search for another career path led him to a job as  a computer lab aid at UM.  This position eventually led to a fulltime faculty position in the UM Computer Science Dept. After seven years, he transferred to the University of Alaska Anchorage where he continued to teach computer science for nine more years.  While at UAA, he also served in the National Guard as a programmer for the state headquarters.  Upon his return to Missoula, he worked as a programmer at a tax consulting firm for twelve years before retiring in 2008.