What is New

We are expanding into high school!! AND we will be offering robotics classes for first and second grade.

The new tech center under construction at the Stevensville High School is providing the perfect opportunity to offer classes to high school students. The school has graciously offered C4K the use of the computer lab which will be part of the new construction as well as help in designing a STEAM curriculum that meshes school and C4K classes.

Thanks to the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, the Heman Foundation, and the Rapp Family Foundation the expansion into high school is now a reality. We plan to begin offering classes in summer when we hope it will be safer for our students. We are partnering with local technology companies who will assist in the curriculum design, provide mentorships, and offer internships to those students that take the preliminary classes. These partners are Skyfish, Montana Studios, Advanced Technology Company (ATG), and LMG Security. What a wonderful partnership!

The current plan for summer high school classes include Drone Construction and Flight, Java Script Programming, Film, and Geographic Information Systems. Stay tuned….

Techies of the Future